Privates & Coaching

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 Private Classes, Coaching & Progressing Ballet Technique®

Privates Classes, Coaching & Progressing Ballet Technique® are offered to students and professionals of all ages who wish to augment their classes and/or accelerate their personal development.  Ballet Royale's professional coaching can assist in the preparation for an upcoming audition or solo, help better prepare a student to advance to a higher level of training, make up for missed classes, or just provide a personalized and fun experience.

Ballet Royale offers private/coaching classes on a private or semi-private split (two or three students) basis, both to Ballet Royale students and students training at other schools.  Ballet Royale students receive a special rate for private classes.

Ballet Royale also offers professional coaching to non-Ballet Royale groups of three or more, such as for students or professionals wanting an extra advantage or assistance in preparing ensemble works for an upcoming performance, recital, or competition.  Such coaching is arranged on a case by case basis, to best fit the needs of the group and schedule of the teacher or coach.

Please contact us if you would like more information.