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New Students:  

Students new to the school are free to join any of our programs during the term—their tuition will be pro-rated accordingly based on the full Term amount.

New Students with prior dance training seeking to enter Youth Ballet 1 or higher are required to have a personal evaluation by the school faculty before beginning classes, in order to assess their training and abilities. This evaluation is necessary to ensure placement in the most appropriate level. There is a one-time non-refundable fee of $20 for the assessment.

New Students entering the Creative Dance Program do not need an evaluation, though are encouraged to contact the staff if unsure of appropriate level placement. 


Family Discount:

Ballet Royale welcomes and encourages family members to experience the joys and rewards of dancing, and offers significant discounts to families with two or more students in the same immediate family (siblings, parents) enrolled during the same term. (Adult Hourly Class Cards, Private Lessons, Solos/Variations, Special Sessions, Intensives and Workshops are not eligible for and do not count toward or as part of a family discount.) The special discount is based on the total combined number of class hours per family per week, and can range from approximately 5% to over 30%—the more hours taken and more family members involved, the greater the discount! Family discounts are calculated on a case by case basis; please contact us to determine your combined family tuition discount.

Please contact us with any questions on this policy or on the specific amount of tuition owed based on your individual circumstances.